Sheila Robinson-Kiss, Msw, Lcsw (Visit Sheila’s Speaker’s website for booking information: www.sheilarobinsonkiss.com)

The author of 5 books with nearly 20 years of clinical experience under her belt, Sheila taps into your soul and psyche by creating a long-lasting memorable experience. Event attendees walk out excited to implement what they have learned—strategies to meet real world challenges, take control of stress, and rethink the performance possibilities for their lives. She delivers fun, uplifting, interactive, programs and retreats, filled with well-researched, practical strategies, needed to sustain balance and high performance daily. She has touched over 700,000 lives through her national and international speaking, online wellness platforms, programs, and books.

Sheila Robinson-Kiss is the new voice urging you to take control, take action and lift up your home and work life in today’s disconnected relationship state. Sheila is on a mission to give people the tools to adapt to the fast-paced, distraction filled climate we live in. A primary theme of her message is “stop looking around and comparing yourself with others and focus on growing what is good and working in your life and business.” She has been facilitating epic transformational retreats experiences for the last 18 years. In addition she has provided keynote presentations and high impact programs for over 30 state and federal agencies, and for companies like, American Family Insurance, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Pfizer, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Wells Fargo Advisors and more.

She provides the techniques to move forward with renewed compassion and balance. She moves beyond the “neat and tidy” relational paradigms of the past and offers relevant solutions for working and living today.

Sheila’s research was born out of the realization that the relationship and work environment has changed. In nearly two decades as a licensed clinical social worker, she witnessed a marked change in her clients. Reports of “casual cruelty” and the absence of deep, meaningful connections started to rise. People seemed more broken…busted…bruised…on edge. People’s work and relationships have suffered.

Her work also explores how this new relationship environment shapes not just our roles as friends, parents, and partners, but also our behaviors as employees, employers, and consumers. The new state has impacted performance across all areas of life.

Our relationships are at the core of our experience as human beings; yet living, working, and loving happily is more difficult than ever. Sheila’s timely and compelling message allows the audience to finally “put a finger” on the disconnection and distraction they feel and shine a light on how we move forward from here, implement what we know, and take action to uplift our lives.

Her engaging, and energizing talks come from her soul. Sheila offers a realistic yet refreshing perspective on how each of us can work and thrive in business and in life.

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